Company C: Apparel

Space-saving compact light modules are perfect for small-pitch shelves!

  • Product Category:Apparel
  • Industry:3PL
  • Solution:Prevent Errors
  • Picking System:Pick to Light
  • Product:JW SeriesSW Series

Issue background

  • This company mostly handles high-value, made-to-order items; shipping errors are unacceptable.
  • All picking is done by list. In such a high-pressure environment, this causes great stress to operators, and the retention rate is low.
  • The company handles small items, and the shelves and dividers are small and narrow; it was difficult to install instruments.


Light modules can be installed even on small shelves

  1. Compact light modules can be installed even on small shelves, allowing digitization of picking.
  2. Our Pick to Light systems makes it possible to work stress-free for long periods of time.
  3. Work accuracy also increased, and in busy periods, the company enjoys eight times normal productivity. (400 pieces per hour)


Pick to Light Systems (PTL) with compact light modules

Our pick to light system with compact light modules can be installed even on shelves with narrow dividers. Wireless handy terminals are used to conduct shipping inspections.

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