Company A: Food Products

Work on five items simultaneously! Dramatically improve work efficiency!

  • Product Category:Foods
  • Industry:3PL
  • Solution:Deal with Massive Workloads
  • Picking System:Put to Light
  • Product:JW Series

Issue background

  • With its offering of small quantities of a diverse array of products, Company A was unable to improve work efficiency.
  • The company receives a high volume of products with different packaging (in cases, in pieces, etc.); product management required effort.
  • Vendors deliver items at different times, creating excessive time between reception and shipping.


By working on five items simultaneously, each operator can process 120 cases per hour

  1. Displaying case/piece information clarifies the number of items to be assorted.
  2. The ability to start assorting work on items that have passed receiving inspections sharply reduces work times.
  3. The ability to manage work progress in real time makes it possible to determine the optimal number of delivery trucks, which depends on the status of the work.
  4. This adaptation of our system to small quantities of a diverse array of products successfully improved productivity and accuracy.


Pairing a receiving inspection system with put to light

We created a system that pairs receiving inspections performed with wireless handy terminals with a put to light system that makes it possible to work on five items simultaneously.

Products used in this case