Company B: Food Products

Simultaneous picking and inspections

  • Product Category:Foods
  • Industry:3PL
  • Solution:Effectively Use Space
  • Picking System:Pick to Light
  • Product:JW Series

Issue background

  • The company ships to retailers, so daily volumes are massive.
  • The company sought picking accuracy that remains consistent despite operator turnover.
  • After picking, excessive time was needed to conduct inspections through a different process.


Performing picking and inspections simultaneously saves space

  1. Our pick to light system increased productivity.
  2. The work is easy for anyone—even beginners.
  3. Our inspection system improved accuracy.
  4. Performing picking and inspections simultaneously saves space.


Pairing Pick to Light with an inspection system

We built an inspection system on the same line as the Pick to Light System. Since both systems are on the same line, any picking errors can immediately be corrected. In addition, a single operator performs the entire process from picking to inspections, reducing personnel expenses and other costs.

Products used in this case