Company C: Food Products

Five people assort simultaneously! Wireless light modules dramatically increase work efficiency!

  • Product Category:Foods
  • Industry:3PL
  • Solution:Increase Speed
  • Picking System:Put to Light
  • Product:NW Series

Issue background

  • The company wanted to change lines and add stores in response to increased volume and stores, but could not act immediately because the facilities in its wired put to light system were fixed in place.
  • Increasing volumes made it harder to complete work within the allotted time, which produced frequent shipping delays.
  • Many operators are foreign and elderly; the company needed an easy-to-operate system that immediately produces effects.
  • The company ships cases; operators must be able to use both hands.
  • The existing system was in a dedicated center; it would be extremely difficult to transfer everything to a large center


Sorting speed increased 20% with the same five-operator team

  1. The new system makes it possible to change stores and rearrange layouts on the same day in response to increased volumes or stores.
  2. The cost of changing the system is low because experts are not required to make the changes.
  3. Light modules are installed directly on roll cage trolleys, carts, and containers for shipping; after shipping, assorting areas can be used effectively as free spaces.

Products used in this case