Company D: Food Products

Wireless put to light system frees up space, increases work efficiency!

  • Product Category:Foods
  • Industry:3PL
  • Solution:Effectively Use Space
  • Picking System:Put to Light
  • Product:NW Series

Issue background

  • The company reached the limits of picking by list due to increased numbers of items and customers. (Total confirmation took much time, and shipping delays increased each year.)
  • Many products did not have barcodes; shipping errors occurred frequently.
  • The company struggled to secure permanent assorting space.


Our system trimmed roughly two hours from work time

  1. Changing layouts by business category led to more efficient use of space and trimmed roughly two hours from work time.
  2. As for products without barcodes, the use of unique product codes—which had been used originally—enabled assorting of nearly all products, which reduced shipping errors.
  3. Displaying case/piece information clarifies the number of items to be assorted.


Wireless Put to Light System

The layout of this wireless Put to Light Systems can be changed freely.

Products used in this case