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Our system substantially increased efficiency by reducing walking distance for order picking by recipient

  • Product Category:General Goods
  • Industry:Company-Owned Warehouses
  • Solution:Save Labor
  • Picking System:Pick to Light
  • Product:NW SeriesSW Series

Issue background

  • It was extremely difficult to search through the vast array of items.
  • The extremely high number of similar items resulted in frequent picking errors.
  • Picking was performed by pushing a cart across the large property, resulting in a lot of wasted motion.


Our system reduced operator walking distance 50%

  1. Now, operators only walk half the distance as before.
  2. Before our system, productivity was roughly 120 pieces per hour. Now, work efficiency has improved to roughly 300 pieces per hour (with a maximum of 460 pieces per hour).
  3. Our system removed the need for specialized operators; anyone can easily do the work.


Pairing free roller conveyors with Pick to Light Systems (PTL)

Our pick to light system accommodates the company’s vast array of items, successfully improving productivity and accuracy. We created a system that pairs free roller conveyors with pick to light, which removes the need for operators to walk around in search of items, minimizing their walking distance and allowing anyone to perform picking work.

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