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A combination of the Projection Picking System PPS with automated screw dispensers enables easy working without wait times.

  • Product Category:Parts
  • Industry:Manufacturing Plants
  • Solution:Save Labor
  • Picking System:Pick to Light
  • Product:Projection Picking System(PPS)

Issue background

  • Multiple types of screws were picked based on lists, leading to inefficiencies in preparation times.
  • Screw picking depended on experienced operators.
  • The large quantity of screw types led to working mistakes.


Enabling easy working without wait times

  1. By picking small quantities of many types of screws with the Projection Picking System PPS and large quantities of few types of screws with automated screw dispensers, it became possible to quickly supply screws to the assembly line.
  2. Working with the Projection Picking System PPS and screw dispensers enabled anyone to swiftly and easily do working.
  3. An error-proofing feature using image recognition via cameras and automated screw dispensers overwhelmingly decreased picking mistakes


Projection Picking System PPS in conjunction with automated screw dispensers

  1. Barcodes of buckets for distributing picked screws are scanned via a scanner.
  2. After scanning, the Projection Picking System PPS automatically illuminates drawer positions in picking locations.
  3. Operators pick the quantities of screws shown on screen from illuminated drawers.
  4. If a drawer not included in the prescribed spots is opened, the operator is warned via sound and light. (error-proofing feature via image recognition by camera)
  5. After picking from the drawers has been completed, automated screw dispenser picking instructions are shown on screen.
  6. The operator dispenses screws from the automated screw dispenser to complete the task.

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