Our Pick to Light system enables five people to work simultaneously

  • Product Category:Parts
  • Industry:Assembly Plants
  • Solution:Increase Speed
  • Picking System:Pick to Light
  • Product:JW SeriesSmartCard

Issue background

  • Picking was performed according to lists, which took a lot of time.
  • Stocking parts also took a lot of time.
  • When sending boxes with picked parts to subsequent sites, it was troublesome to fill out recipient information by hand and attach the labels to containers.
  • The company subcontracted the work of retrieving inventory from warehouses, so turnover was extremely high and training was difficult.


Sweeping improvements in picking efficiency!

  1. Our system increased picking speed and halved picking time. It also enabled retrieval of the next day’s inventory from warehouses.
  2. Guidance by light modules makes stocking simple.
  3. Smart Cards eliminate the need to fill out recipient information by hand, which reduces entry time and prevents mislabeling.


Pairing Smart Cards with pick to light Systems

Our pick to light system allows five people to work simultaneously. Smart Cards are used in place of handwritten recipient information for picked parts.Light modules show where parts are stocked as well as where they should be put.Shelf inventory information is also exchanged with upstream systems in real time.

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