Company A: Manufacturing Industry

Our Pick to Light System simplified management of line work history

  • Product Category:Parts
  • Industry:Assembly Plants
  • Solution:Manage Work History
  • Picking System:Cell Production
  • Product:AW Series

Issue background

  • Company A was unable to manage assembly-line part picking performance in numerical terms.
  • Lines reset for new parts frequently stopped due to picking delays caused by operators’ unfamiliarity with the new configurations.
  • There were cases where it was not possible to use the correct electric screwdrivers for tightening.


Access to line work history leads to fewer picking errors

  1. Before Company A introduced our system, operators had to read written instructions as they picked. Under our system, operators pick and batch parts illuminated by light modules, so line work progresses smoothly even with inexperienced operators because new line settings for new parts pose no extra burden.
  2. Pairing with external equipment via 1-Point Digital I/O Interface AW2902, made it possible to use the correct electric screwdrivers according to the work sequence, and also to maintain histories in numerical terms.


Pairing 1POINT I/O with pick to light

We created a Pick to Light System to enable the assembly of the correct parts using the correct tools in the correct order.
When the base of a product moves on to the next procedure, the light module of the shelf that holds the part to be attached to the base lights up. The operator still picks the part and uses an electric screwdriver to attach it, but the electric screwdriver is linked to the system via 1-Point Digital I/O Interface AW2902, so the work history now shows whether the correct screwdriver was used. This reduces picking errors and makes it possible to manage work histories in numerical terms in real time.