Company E: Medical equipment

Anyone can now easily sort the increasingly complex number of A, B, and C products. With a 17% increase in task efficiency, the number of workers can be reduced as well.

  • Product Category:Pharmaceuticals
  • Industry:Company-Owned Warehouses
  • Solution:Save LaborIncrease Speed
  • Picking System:Pick to LightPut to Light
  • Product:MWU SeriesJW Series


  • It was necessary to build a smart framework for shipping tasks that could be operated by anyone.
  • It was necessary to introduce a system that would allow a reduction in the number of workers handling shipping tasks.


  1. Conducting a logistical analysis of product hit rates, creating distinct storage areas for A products, B products, and C products, and using conveyor belts for the work reduced walking routes and increased task efficiency by 17% compared to the existing system.
  2. The simple framework in which tasks are executed in accordance with instructions on display devices accomplished a worker-friendly system that can be operated by anyone.
  3. The number of workers was successfully reduced (from 3 to 2.5).


Pick to light system combines different conveyor to successfully reduce walking routes

  • In this system flow racks for frequently shipped products (A products) are positioned around conveyor belts, while less often shipped products (B and C products) use medium-duty racks and conveyors belts. Pick to Light system secures work traffic lines, reduces the burden of on-site work, and improves work quality.