Switch to Smart Cards from paper labels with printed barcodes for recognizing individual products

  • Industry:Manufacturing Plants
  • Solution:Paperless
  • Product:SmartCard

Issue background

In order to improve traceability, clients had been using labels with printed barcodes for recognizing individual products during production, but faced the following problems.

  • Discarding the labels after use posed a burden on the environment.
  • Removing the labels from the finished products required additional labor.
  • Labels could not be removed cleanly, damaging the products.


  • Due to repeated use, running costs were successfully lowered.
  • Clients were able to stop using paper and show consideration for the environment as an ecologically conscious business.
  • Because labels were no longer directly affixed to products, the products would no longer be damaged.


Managing individual product recognition during production via Smart Cards

Using Smartcards for process management from parts-picking to assembly and packaging of the finished product ensures traceability. Smart Cards are also used to manage the restocking of parts supply.

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