Company A: Services Industry

Batching made easy!

  • Product Category:General Goods
  • Industry:Manufacturing Plants
  • Solution:Error Prevention
  • Picking System:Put to Light
  • Product:AW Series

Issue background

  • Several different types of mats are batched before shipping to each customer.
  • Batching products and matching batches to customers took a lot of time because assorting was done manually and according to lists.
  • With lists as the only control, there is a high risk of assorting errors.


Our system successfully simplified data management and shortened work time

  1. Under our system, IC tags are attached to each product for data management, which successfully systematized assorting of data.
  2. The systematization made it easier to manage data.
  3. Changing the task to putting products into openings illuminated by lamps led to shorter work time and fewer assorting errors.


Put to light system

A scanner scans IC tags attached to each product and causes the light modules for the corresponding customers to light up. The operator then puts the products in the illuminated places.

Products used in this case