Vegetable Wholesaler

Our system makes it easy to change shelf pitch for varied items!

  • Product Category:Foods
  • Industry:Company-Owned Warehouses
  • Solution:Effectively Use Space
  • Picking System:Pick to Light
  • Product:MW Series

Issue background

  • Each vegetable requires a different opening size, so the company needed to be able to change the configurations easily.
  • The company was using another company’s Pick to Light System, but was unable to change shelf pitch easily; they had to remove lamps from openings to make the changes when new items were added.


Pitch change work now requires only half as many operators

  1. Our light modules are easily removable without special tools, so pitch change work now requires only half as many operators as before.
  2. Part-time operators involved in pitch change work are now assigned to shipping and inspection work, reducing lead time to shipping.


A pick to light system with light modules that facilitate pitch and location changes

We created a Pick to Light System with easily removable light modules that simplify the work of changing shelf pitch, which had been separate from daily shipping work in the past. High-volume items require three-digit light modules, while others require only two digits; our system makes it easy to change light modules in response to changes in shipping volumes.

Products used in this case