Company A: Water Heating Equipment, Household System Equipment

Our Pick to Light System sucessfully spread the level of picking work evenly

  • Product Category:Parts
  • Industry:Assembly Plants
  • Solution:Increase Speed
  • Picking System:Pick to Light
  • Product:AW Series

Issue background

  • Company A needed to streamline picking work to meet their need to shorten lead time to delivery.
  • Picking errors were excessive due to the high number of similar product groups.
  • To deal with extremely high turnover, the company urgently needed to make picking easy for anyone to do.


Picking efficiency improved and sharply reduced shipping errors, which helped stabilize quality

  1. Our system makes it possible for a simple explanation to enable even the least experienced workers to perform the work quickly and correctly. The foreman’s training workload also decreased sharply.
  2. Work performance on terminals visualize when, by whom, and how picking work is performed. On the rare occasions when errors occur, it is now easy to trace work performance on the floor.


Master of Supply Parts: Pick to Light Software Package

A pick to light system based on a software package that enables picking by installing a Pick to Light system on shelves that hold parts. The software is easy for users to maintain. The system also makes it easy for users to configure the light modules.