LIVEショールーム申込受付中 ご来社不要、WEBでショールームをご案内します。

What's LIVE Showroom

Permanent exhibitions in our showrooms in Tokyo and Osaka demonstrate how our digital integration systems achieve greater efficiency and visualization throughout logistics centers and entire factories. Clients unable to visit our offices are invited to use our “Online Showroom” on the Web.
Our Online Showroom introduces our systems to you individually, and will demonstrate whatever you need to know.
Please make an appointment to allow us to prepare in advance.


1. Reservation

Appointment by email

Subject: Online Showroom Application
Please include your name, company name, address, telephone number, and country.

Appointment by phone

Please contact our Sales Division’s Public Relations Department and tell the representative that you would like make an Online Showroom appointment.

2. We will contact you for confirmation

We will get back to you within three business days (excluding days off and New Year holidays) to confirm the date and time. A representative will send you an email with the website in advance.

3. Day of Online Showroom

Please visit the website that we sent you in advance. We will initiate the Online Showroom once you are connected with the representative.


  • The Online Showroom uses a Web meeting function.
  • Please connect in a place with good Internet access.
    • Depending on the connection, communication may be delayed or the sound may be distorted.
  • It is possible to have a meeting on a smartphone, but we suggest a personal computer with a large screen to make it easier to view materials we intend to show you.
  • If the video terminates, we may switch to a telephone or videophone.
  • It will be easier to hear if you use earphones.