Systems working with Pick to Light systems

If you make the Pick to Light systems work with other systems , you may minimize the number of errors, load of operators and operators" working hours, which will improve the efficiency. The following are other systems working with DPS now in operation

Electric Screwdriver

When introducing the Projection Picking System® PPS, anyone can perform tasks correctly via displayed instructions and joint operation with an electric screwdriver during the assembly process.

Electric Screwdriver or Torque Wrench

When assembling picked parts in cell production and the like, it is possible to coordinate the number of fastenings via torque wrench or electric screwdriver.

Conveyor system

Items picked under the Pick to Light systems are carried by being synchronized with conveyor system.

  • Make foldable containers or tote boxes synchronize with picking instruction and driving conveyors for automatic batching for shipment.
  • Make conveyors move to the picking zone automatically.
  • Moving by hands by combining with simplified roller conveyors

Checking system Weight and Barcode checking (Mobile/Not mobile)

  • Barcode checking with fixed barcode scanner
  • Barcode checking with mobile barcode scanner
  • Working with weight checking system

Stock Control System

Stock control system working with picking operation real time

  • Real time updating stock information each time each picking completion button is pressed.
  • Pairing Acceptance checking with replenish system
  • Pairing with lot control

Inventory Check System

Stock data/information to be displayed on Light module

  • Make Inventory checking operation go paperless
  • Make checking stock and quantity revision possible by using light module buttons.

Replenishment instruction system

Replenishment instruction by using light modules

  • Reading product barcode /item tag makes light modules turn on
  • Suitable for Replenishing error prevention

Voice Recognition System

Pairing with voice instruction systems

  • Make it possible to simultaneously control the Pick to Light systems area and voice picking area that are separated according to frequency of picking
  • Perform total picking by voice picking, and digital assorting by assorting by delivery-to area

Results Control System

Working with picking operation results and evidence recording function

  • Make it possible to work with each operation picking results/human/time productivity recording/administration functions
  • Make it possible to work with evidence control by shooting packing status after picking

AGV: Automated Guided Vehicle

In order to transport sorted items, items yet to be sorted, etc. there is substantial coordination with Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV). Recently, attention is also being paid to small-size AGV for autonomous conveyance ("lift up" types).

Aioi Systems offers solutions that incorporate such "lift up" AGV.
"Lift up" AGV transport shelves and delivers products to picking stations.
Work on the transported shelves is done using our Projection Picking System (PPS) and Shutter Assorting System (SAS).


Sorting System

Working with automatic sorting machine (sorter)

  • Digitize total picking for sorter
  • Use light modules as display system at the locations of sorter chuting
  • Use together with sorter/digital sorting system depending on packing status or shipping-out particulars