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Pick to Light Systems (PTL)

System using light modules

Pick to light system (PTL) is a support system by using Light module. Plant and distribution center operators simply walk to the locations of illuminated modules and pick the displayed number of products.
These systems allow anyone to pick easily, quickly, and accurately.

System using projection mapping

The picking support system using a projector and sensors. Pick to Light systems can be introduced for storage shelves with locations which are too small to mount light modules or for storage shelves which are frequently relocated. You can also set up detailed image and voice-guided instructions easily for picking operation.

Visible RFID Smart Cards

Cards embedded with e-paper IDs. These cards help improve distribution and manufacturing workplaces by improving work efficiency and cutting the cost of creating and disposing of written lists, instructions, and handwritten work histories.

Smart AI Equipment and Facility Operation Management Systems

Centralized control systems for on-site devices. These systems visualize energy consumption and encourage energy conservation. The systems connect various sensors to enable operators to manage and control power consumption from computers, smartphones, and tablet devices.

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