Products Introduction

AIOI-SYSTEMS carries a wide lineup of Pick to Light systems to meet the diverse needs of customers. Please use the list below as a selection guide. We also have various specifications not included in the list. Feel free to contact us if you have any question or request.

By Feature

Wireless type NW Series
Freezer JW Series
Narrow installation footprint SW Series Projection Picking System(PPS)
For flat shelf JW Series SW Series MWU Series MW Series AW Series Projection Picking System(PPS)
For pipe rack AW Series MWU Series SW Series Projection Picking System(PPS)
Energy saving MWU Series
Frequent location changes MW Series MWU Series AW Series Projection Picking System(PPS)
With infrared/limit switch AW Series MWU Series
24-V device specification suitable for FA AW Series

Packaged Software

Quantity Display Digits

No digit 2 digits 3 digits 4 digits 5 digits 6 digits Multi-type

* Normally 3 digits are sufficient but if 4 digits are necessary, you can address this problem through application. Use the Fn key and 2 screens (in the number display area) to display alternately. If digits exceed, change the CONFIRM button color or speed of the blinking light to notify the worker. Through alternate display, the quantity can be checked. There are other methods. Please contact AIOI-Systems Co.