PTL Expert 3

This is the optimal packaged software for making the transition from Pick by List to Pick to Light Systems.

  • One person working alone is visually comparing the work list against the shelves at the work site to find items.
  • In order to improve efficiency, the work has to be done by two people together. One reads the list out loud and the other handles the items.
  • We want to introduce a Pick to Light system, but we can’t set aside very much time for the introduction of one.

The burden of a work site like this is cleared up by PTL Expert 3.
This packaged software is not just for the factory work of picking parts for distribution and supply or picking for assembly in a cell production system. It will also improve the job of picking in warehouses and distribution centers, and in all work sites where people handle things.
Configuration and operation are extremely simple. Our sales engineers will explain it for you thoroughly. We have clear, understandable videos and manuals covering the work of installing the equipment, so our customers can actually handle the job themselves. If that is the case, we will provide installation guidance. When customers do the installing themselves, they can significantly cut down on their initial expense.

Easy instroduction  Prevent an error  Initial cost reduction

Basic Configuration—Actual Screen Image: Master Configuration

  1. Tie the location information for the shelf where the parts or products are stored to the Light Modules (address setting)
  2. Parts or product information is tied to the shelf location information (location setting)
Master Configuration

Preparation—Actual Screen Image: Work Data

Record the picking order and content as a job. Work content that is passed as output from a higher-order system (in comma-delimited text file format) can also be imported.
Work Method
When a work list or product barcode is read in, the Light Module on the applicable shelf illuminates. Do the job for the indicated quantity, then press the button on the Light Module to complete that job and move on to the next.

Work Data

Optional Functions

  • Poka yoke (error prevention) function to prevent picking from the wrong location
  • Coordinated Light Module setting to coordinate the Light Modules with Digital Input/Output.
  • Signal lights to make job statuses easier to follow on a large work site
  • Batch Display that displays job numbers and parts numbers for the job underway

The system can be configured to match the usage scenario.

System Configuration