MWU Series

  • AIOI’s proprietary power-supply and detachable hook system assures easy attachment and detachment. Duct covers are no longer necessary, so the system location can be changed easily.
  • Three mounting bases are available, including the aluminum duct type, pipe rack type, and flat shelf type.
  • The power-saving design is energy-efficient (Energy consumption is 20% less than other comparable L-Pick system)
  • Simple drip-proof design
  • Long-lasting switches
  • Extensive lineup: lamp colors, display digits, energy saving (electronic paper type), with sensor, limit switch, etc.

MWU2030FNSH-101 Outward-opening type
MWU2030FNSH-201 Inward-opening type

MWU Module, 4-digit, Cap White

MWU Module, No digit, Cap White, No Buzzer

MWU module, 4-digit, Cap White, w/sensor

MWU Module, Vertical 2-digit, Cap White